TS Qatar Partner with KEMP Technologies to Provide Industry’s Most Efficient Application Delivery Solutions

Award winning, KEMP Load Balancer Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) offer wide range of scalability and security. LoadMaster ADC enable resilient delivery of a wide range of applications for organizations of all sizes and capabilities. LoadMaster simplifies application delivery with easy management via web UI, API and KEMP 360 Central. KEMP customer support is one of the best in the industry. KEMP’s Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) is a fully featured Application Delivery Controller and it is available in all major hypervisor and cloud platforms.

KEMP Load Balancer Come With Pre-configured Templates For Various Network Scenarios

Templates helps to quick publishing of services in the LoadMaster. Templates are available for all common and major applications including MAPI, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, Exchange, Lync, RDP, Sharepoint, Dynamics, Oracle E-business Suit, JDE, SAP. Complete list is available here : https://support.kemptechnologies.com/hc/en-us/articles/210136133-Templates 

KEMP Edge Security Pack

Edge Security Pack provides support for SSO as well as integration with various authentication systems. 

KEMP Web Application Firewall

KEMP’s Application Firewall Pack includes Layer 7 Web Application Firewall protection, intelligent load balancing, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, edge security and authentication. Application Firewall Pack  supports Data loss prevention (DLP), mitigation of the OWASP top ten common vulnerabilities, Real-time threat protection for packaged & custom applications and PCI-DSS compliance KEMP GSLB is  a DNS  based Geo Load Balancer which facilitate health monitoring, fail-over and load balance of applications that are distributed across multiple data centers or locations. 

Kemp web application firewall
Kemp Framework

KEMP360 Framework Improve Operational Efficiency

The KEMP360 application delivery framework consolidates control, monitoring and analysis of key application metrics. It helps to improve operational efficiency with increased visibility, centralized management and reduced resolution times. The KEMP360 framework includes KEMP360 Central, a single pane of glass for management of application delivery infrastructures and KEMP360 Vision which delivers proactive monitoring and diagnosis to minimize the impact of issues in the application delivery infrastructure. 

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