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HPE Advanced Solutions at TS Qatar

Transforming Enterprises with HPE's Pioneering Technologies

TS Qatar proudly collaborates with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), renowned for its pioneering edge-to-cloud Platform-as-a-Service capabilities. These solutions are at the forefront of driving a data-centric transformation, positioning your enterprise at the vanguard of the digital era. 

HPE Storage: Revolutionizing Data Management for Hybrid Cloud

HPE Alletra Storage : Facilitating an effortless cloud experience for every workload, HPE Alletra streamlines operations from edge to cloud, ensuring uncompromised performance. 

HPE GreenLake Storage Solutions : Including versatile options like File Storage, Block Storage, and Disaster Recovery, these solutions under the HPE GreenLake umbrella offer resilient, scalable, and easy-to-manage storage capabilities for the hybrid cloud. 

HPE SimpliVity : An advanced solution optimized for edge environments, VDI, and virtualization workloads, HPE SimpliVity represents the next step in efficient data management. 

HPE Compute Solutions: Spearheading Edge-to-Cloud Innovation

HPE ProLiant Servers
The cornerstone of HPE’s compute offerings, these servers are specifically engineered to enhance data value, expedite AI-driven results, and catalyze innovation and insight.
HPE Synergy
Tailored to accommodate any workload within a hybrid cloud setting, HPE Synergy offers a flexible, composable bladed infrastructure for streamlined operations.
HPE Superdome Flex Servers
These servers are designed for tackling high-performance computing, AI workloads, and critical applications, providing modular and powerful compute platforms. 
HPE Edgeline Systems
Integrating OT with enterprise-grade IT, these systems deliver robust, data center-level compute and management technology right at the Edge.

HPE GreenLake: Cloud Experience, Tailored for Your Environment

HPE GreenLake brings an unparalleled cloud experience directly to your data and applications, regardless of their location. This platform propels data-centric modernization, integrating fluidly with your existing systems to deliver a flexible, secure, and scalable cloud experience. 

  • Edge-to-Cloud Flexibility : Facilitating a seamless connection between your edge and the cloud, HPE GreenLake empowers your AI initiatives and maximizes data potential. 
  • Hybrid Cloud Security and Modernization : Ensuring optimal security levels, HPE GreenLake fosters a secure, efficient, and seamless hybrid cloud environment. 

Elevating Your Enterprise with HPE's Technological Excellence

S Qatar is dedicated to providing premier HPE solutions, tailored to meet the specific demands of your enterprise. From advanced computing to robust storage, and comprehensive cloud services, our partnership with HPE ensures that your business has access to cutting-edge technology for growth and success. 

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server

The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server delivers the latest in security, performance and expandability, backed by a comprehensive warranty. Standardize on the industry’s most trusted compute platform.

HPE Product
HPE Product

HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2P 640FLR-SFP28 Adapter

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, provides innovative wireless and wired networking solutions, including Wi-Fi 6 access points, AI-powered analytics, and secure switches. Their Edge Services Platform (ESP) and SD-WAN offerings ensure optimal network performance and cloud connectivity. Aruba’s security solutions, like ClearPass and IntroSpect, offer advanced network protection. These technologies are pivotal for building secure, efficient, and future-ready digital workplaces across various industries.

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