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HPE has a wide variety of software-defined, enterprise servers, and server systems that can operate at your business speed. It is defining and delivering the next era of computing the way you need it. High-performance computing solutions can scale out your environments to mission-critical servers. With HP servers, you can take control of your server and other related storage. By networking with one view, you have the latest infrastructure of management software.

HPE, HPC solutions can scale up or down on your premises or in the cloud. That is the purpose to build storage and software to power innovation. With that, all your workloads will be within your economic requirements. So that you have the advantage of both powerful blends of on-premises and cloud for HPC applications.

Rack Servers

The Rack-optimized servers can modernize the data center by delivering high performance, resiliency, and scalability to your core business-critical workloads. HPE Apollo and ProLiant server classes provide a wide variety of options to choose from. They are the most secure and versatile rack-optimized servers with a balance of performance, expansion, and manageability across diverse workloads. Apollo Server Racks are for high-performance computing and big data analytics. So that it can increase your performance, economics, and scalability in a small footprint.

HPE Rack servers
HPE ProLiant servers

HPE ProLiant Servers

The intelligent compute foundation is a hybrid cloud that delivers unmatched workload optimization, security, and automation. It delivers the intelligent compute foundation for the hybrid cloud. HPE ProLiant offers unmatched workload optimization with 360-degree security and intelligent automation, And they are all available in an as-a-Service experience.

HPE Proliant server features are flexible, Workload Optimized hybrid cloud. Also, it has 360-degree security, intelligent automation support, rack-optimized, and get it as an HPE cloud service.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is a composable, software-defined infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments. It enables you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any workload under a unified API.

It can manage one infrastructure that supports current and next-gen apps. Each with vastly diverse infrastructure requirements and service-level objectives. These applications can accelerate and deliver service through a single interface that precisely composes infrastructure at near-instant speeds. Engineered with software-defined intelligence at their core and powered by HPE One view. HPE Synergy enables you to set up services in minutes with a single line of code.

HPE Synergy

Integrated Lights Out (ILO)

The iLO server management software helps you to configure and monitor securely. By this, you can update your HPE servers seamlessly from anywhere in the world. HPE iLO gives you the tools to manage your servers efficiently to resolve the issues quickly and to keep your business running. With the latest innovations in simplified operations, performance, and security, HPE iLO allows you to manage your entire server environment. Also, you can upgrade your iLO license for additional functionality. Such as graphical remote console, multi-user collaboration, video record/playback, remote management, and much more.

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